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Cyber Security


Sustainable Energy

Create a better world is our main target. GreenSea was born focusing on these values:
  • A Free Plan for all
  • Totally Green
  • Super-Fast WordPress sites
  • Armored Firewall
  • Professional Helpdesk
  • Full Backup
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High Performance

The sinergy between Raspberry and WordPress has proven to give users a huge boost in browsing experience.

Green Energy


Raspberry Servers operate with 15 Watts when used at full power for a more ecological internet.

Cyber Security


Our main security features include: DDoS attack protection, Intrusion Detection, IP Black List and more…

Hosting Services

Free Features


http/https (free SSL certificate)
Unlimited Space
Unlimited bandwidth

Firewall Security

No Ftp: Private File System Access
No Mail Services
DDoS attack protection
Auto Updates

Full Features

Public IP Address

Get your Raspberry private Server
Full configurable OS
No version or components conflicts

Full Backup: OS + Website + DB

Fastest disaster recovery
SSD Backup